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I asked for a greater sense of equanimity for the purpose of rising to the challenges of life. I gradually went beyond challenging myself to a place where I don't need to challenge myself. Life changed from something to conquer to something to live.

I felt an instant connection with Shafaq. She brought her bright and comforting personality to our sessions which made it easy for me to open up and go deeper into the thought-provoking process of coaching. She helped me connect the dots and showed me that I truly have the answers within me, I even have the tools - I just needed to be directed to my toolbox, and she is there for me to guide me through it. I look forward to continuing to work with Shafaq and exploring the horizons of this journey together.


There was one thing I wasn’t ready to change or let go of! 


My warrior image! 

Worked too hard to build it and it served me extremely well. 


But I know I had to somewhat re design that image to be able to achieve my big goals in life. I worked with quite a few highly qualified coaches in my life, but no one was able to truly guide me in the direction I needed, UNTIL I met Shafaq!

With her kindness, empathy, patience, and unique coaching approach she was able to provide me with the right tools and the right path to transform 2 decades of pain into peace. I am not letting her go! She is my coach partner for life.


Shafaq is such a wonderful person. I received life/success coaching from her. It truly felt like I was talking to a dear friend the whole time. I never once felt pressured and at the same time she held me accountable for self-sabotage or any patterned belief behaviors. I always felt so much better after each session, and was able to see actual sustainable results. This woman is going to change the world. Thank you so much Shafaq for allowing me to trust you, and for helping me trust myself. I have made such an incredible bond and life long friendship with you. I pray for success in everything your hearts desire.


Shafaq is an extraordinary coach! She always pushed me to look at things differently and helped me broaden my horizons. Her ability to read in between the lines and her rephrasing skills were filled with amazing aha moments for me. Her beautiful smile and amazing energy naturally brings out the best in people. I am so fortunate to have had her as my coach and I will continue working with her. Thank you Shafaq!


‘She is too young for this’ if that’s what is currently going on in your mind then let me stop you right there. Age has no merits when it comes to Shafaq’s abilities to coach you on whatever you bring to her sessions! I have partly witnessed her journey this past year and how she has turned her life around to become the incredible woman that she is... first, by learning various concepts of coaching, then by practicing it herself, and now she is using that wisdom to guide others to become their best self. So who better to help you along the journey than the one who has already been down that path herself, right? Shafaq’s genuine curiosity and insightful questions helped me to connect the dots and it was brilliant to witness how something that is of such low priority in my life is actually governed by the failings of something that is of high priority to me and vice versa. I am thankful to her for bringing that much-needed clarity, I am still consciously incorporating that in my life.


I have done a few sessions with Shafaq. They showed me how to look at different angles into my relationship and what it had been based on in the past, which is really eye-opening. It helped me improve my relationship at home which I really wanted to work on. Working with Shafaq has helped me open up a channel of communication between me and my partner, which was completely shut down. Now it isn't; now we actually talk. We don't talk every day but we talk more than we did. I also have massive direction in where I want to go in my relationships and in my business!


Shafaq is such a compassionate and intuitive individual - she is the ideal coach to accompany you on your journey of growth! She is innovative with her coaching sessions and empowers you to facilitate and define your own pathways to success. I truly believe in her integrity and expertise, and strongly recommend her without hesitation!


In a short span of time, Shafaq was able to cut through some of the stories I was telling myself and get right to the heart of the matter. She helped me identify areas that were holding me back, even before I did! She is incredibly perceptive and intuitive and that makes her coaching really powerful!


Shafaq has a calm, approachable manner and is very positive. As a single parent who works full-time, this was exactly what I needed. It was great to look at my life holistically and then focus down on the areas that I really wanted to improve. I found that the sessions were a pleasurable experience. The sessions provided lots of positive reinforcement and a framework to help me identify the changes I wanted to make and the habits I wanted to change and ways to incorporate new ones. 


In summary, Shafaq has enabled me to identify the areas that I need to focus on and gave me the tools and strategies in which to embed them into my daily life.


I recently completed Shafaq's Overcome Overwhelm course and it truly has helped me unpack my limiting beliefs, set short as well as long term goals and implement small changes, that have allowed me to achieve success. As I went through the course Shafaq made herself available to answer questions and to customise the information shared to my particular needs. I am grateful for her enthusiastic, positive and supportive spirit. Shafaq is knowledgeable about her field, an excellent life coach and I highly recommend her services to others


I highly recommend Shafaq as a coach. 

She was able to make an impact even within the first session. 

Shafaq helped me discover what I should be focusing on, the immediate next steps to take and the accountability I needed to accomplish my goals. 

She is attentive and accepting while also being honest about calling my bullshit. :) The sessions with Shafaq are transformational. No regrets here.


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