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Hey there, Phoenix!


It is pleasure to have you visit my digital home. Here is a little introduction about me.


Most of my friends know me as the wise one. I have been the go-to friend for as long as I can remember, holding space for anyone who wished to lighten their emotional baggage.


I was able to do that with ease because my strength lies in seeing people for who they really are underneath their labels.


People who open up to me usually have trouble opening up to anyone else. I create the space for them to be whoever they want to be, even if that doesn’t align with their public persona.


As a Business graduate working in the Finance industry, I learned very quickly that corporate life is not for me. Being authentic has always been a top value, but I didn't realize that I was trying to be "myself" based on other people's definition of me. It is when I actually discovered myself and started building a relationship with the real me that I felt truly liberated.

Instead of proving my worth according to the definition of society, I chose to hone my zone of genius. I got myself certified through Jay Shetty’s Certification School, and have been actively coaching ever since. I’m also a nerd, so I’m constantly learning new things about my craft through books, mentoring, practice and other courses.

I am here to guide you in taking responsibility and nurturing the most important relationship of your life – the relationship with yourself.

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