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Is This You?

You are an ambitious, driven, passionate leader, with big goals and high aspirations. Your sense of accomplishment is not fulfilled unless you commit big, and then see to it that it’s done with perfection.


You’re basically everyone’s Get Shit Done person! A visionary, always looking ahead, always challenging yourself.


This persona also translates into being the rock of the family, managing everyone’s emotions.

Is This Also You?

The commitment to being successful also comes with the need to control things.

Behind that drive, there is a sense of when is it ever enough?

Wanting to be perfect leads to being paralyzed by analysis and overthinking.

You are perceived as a superhuman, but at the end of the day, you are just human. You are tired, heading towards burn out.

You are always willing to do so much that sometimes you could say YES when you mean HELL NO, and other times, say no and beat yourself up for it.


“What’s next” is always driving you. It’s never enough.


What holds you back is your inability to be vulnerable. The weight of your perceived responsible persona doesn’t allow you to falter. You don’t like to make mistakes or take risks.


“Nothing comes easy.”


The worst part?


The more successful you are, the more you have to lose.

In the midst of wanting to achieve so much, you lose yourself. I find you with you. 


We walk through the journey of a Phoenix and reinvent you to become whoever you wish to become without your labels. You get to choose your beliefs, your personality, your style, your behaviour – you get to choose YOU.


You get closer to your true being.


  • Things can come easy.

  • You can have it all.

  • A compromise free life is possible.

If you are committed to being successful, in ways that you don’t even know yet, or if you have already been successful but secretly fear not being enough or having enough, then we should have a conversation.


I’m excited to meet you!

Book a call below or explore my services here.

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